Today - Looking Deep into the Millmount Mound

Millmount Geophys Survey - Open to Public today Sat 23 Nov 3pm-4pm.

MARS (Millmount Archaeological Remote Sensing project) - the geophys survey to look deep into the mound at Millmount - is under way! This is the first survey of it's kind in either Ireland or Britain and (apart from one local generous benefactor) is entirely funded by the Old Drogheda Society.

MARS with RTE cameraman

The survey is open to the press and public today Sat 23 Nov from 3pm to 4pm and the team will demonstrate their techniques and show initial discoveries.

MARS Director, Kevin Barton of www.lgs.ie

Legend has it that Millmount is the burial place of the mythical Celtic bard Amhairgin (or Amergin in English), who in Early Irish Cosmology was the inventor of song and poetry.  We may not find Amhairgin but archaeologist Conor Brady (who along with scientist Kevin Barton of www.lgs.ie is conducting the survey) thinks that there is a strong possibility that a passage grave like that at Newgrange is lurking under the mound. An RTÉ camera crew filmed the survey on Fri and it will be features on RTÉ 6.1 News on Mon 25th Nov.

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