Lecture - H.M. Coastguards in Co. Louth 1820 -1922

Luke Torris, Secretary and P.R.O. Annagassan Historical Society has requested that the ODS assist in prooting this event.

Lecture - H.M. Coastguards in Co. Louth 1820 -1922

Annagassan & District Historical Society holds its next lecture tonight, Wednesday 20 November at 8.00pm in The Loft (above Slan’s Pub), Annagassan. This illustrated lecture is entitled 'H.M. Coastguards in Co. Louth 1820 -1922'. Our speaker is Mr. Heber Russell who has lived at the former Coastguard Station at Dunany for nearly 50 years.

The first Coastguard Stations were established in Co. Louth in 1821 and eventually Stations were established from Omeath in the North to Queensborough (mouth of the Boyne) in the south of the county. Heber will detail the main role of the Coastguards in coastal protection, customs and excise, life-saving, etc. The tragedy of 1868, when five Dunany Coastguard men were drowned in Dundalk Bay and the burning of Coastguard Stations during the War of Independence in 1921 will also be discussed.

This promises to be an excellent lecture and places are limited so come early. Entrance fee is €5 and includes tea/coffee afterwards.

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  1. Hello . We will be visiting from Australia in October this year and am really keen to catch up with people who have information on the 1868 drowning of my great great granfather Henry Spears Grinton . Henry was the captain of the Fanny which capsized on its trip between Soldiers Point and Dunany . I note you were providing a lecture on this terrible event in our families life and am very keen to get more details. I would especially love to know where he is buried so I can pay my respects when we are visiting. I am happy to share the extent of my information on Henry his naval record and family history of seafaring and the extraordinary tale of his family and his grandson who died similarly in 1915. I am also interested to meet with anyone who has expertise in the lives of Dunany Point Coastguards of the mid 1800's. I can be contacted at vivcsh@gmail.com. Vivienne Cunningham-Smith