Geophysical Survey at Millmount

Well the hard work has all been done, the mound complex has been scanned inside and out (literally), and now comes the hard work of a different nature; correlating all the data to see what exactly is there. The site could possibly stretch as far back as the neolithic era, which would place it within the same category as Newgrange, Knowth & Dowth, and hopefully solve the mystery of whether legendary Celtic bard Amergin (or someone else) was buried here!

The preliminary results should be made available in the new year so we won't have too long to wait to uncover Millmounts' secrets!

Beginning scanning the Mound

Dr. Conor Brady gets ready for his interview with RTE's Philip Bromwell

Kevin Barton of lgs.ie points out something? on the radar

The Civil Defence lend a hand with the heavy equipment

What lies beneath?

All smiles because they're at the bottom of the hill!

Scanning in the tower basement

Is he small or far away?

Even the road around the mound wasn't forgotten 

Brendan Matthews & Sean Corcoran with the members of the Civil Defence & the geophys team

images (c.) Drogheda Museum Millmount

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