Drogheda 1900

A posed photograph of the Viaduct circa 1900 taken from the high ground (now part of Maple Drive) above the Cord Road.

That bicycle!That straw boater! The gentleman is turned out in his finery to get his photograph taken, and it also affords a great view of the south side of the town at the river. The houses in Ship St., smoke rising from their chimneys, are visible through the main span of the Viaduct, with the buildings along the Dublin Road sitting above them. A whitewashed thatch cottage further down the Marsh Road peeks through the left arch.
On the far right Millmount is framed through the Viaducts arch, whilst one of the stone buildings of Cairnes Brewery sits by the river front.

Through the arch in the middle, directly above Donor's Green, can be seen the buildings and chimneys belonging to the various industries on the Marsh Road: The Drogheda Chemical and Manure Works has its lettering painted on its buildings, and behind it is the Gas Works and St. Mary's Mills. To the right of the tallest chimney is the yellow-brick St. Mary's Convent on the Dublin Road, with the school and Georgian houses running off to the left. Above them all rises the spire of St. Mary's C.O.I. at the top of Marys St.

A sailing ship sits at the riverside, soon to be overtaken in the shipping race by its steam powered counterpart sitting opposite it.

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