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1. Christmas Lecture: European Space Agency Missions

Comet ISON may be gone but the ESA’s Rosetta mission is on its way to Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko. When it arrives at the comet in 2014, it will enter orbit around the icy body and then release a lander which will study and sample the comet’s surface as it makes its way around the Sun.

The man in charge of this mission – and many others – is Professor Alvaro Giménez Cañete, Director of Science and Robotics at the European Space Agency.

Professor Giménez’s directorate has a multi-billion euro budget to operate the ESA's science programme and robotic exploration, and its most recent milestone was the launch of the Swarm trio of spacecraft that will measure our planet’s magnetic field.

Professor Giménez is one of the most important people in Europe's presence in space, of which Ireland is a part. He will deliver Astronomy Ireland's special Christmas Lecture on Monday, December 9th in Trinity College Dublin, and we want everyone to come along!

We are extremely lucky to have him come to Ireland to give this special lecture, so make sure you book your tickets soon as this will be a very popular lecture!

After the lecture there will be a social reception nearby in the Lombard Inn with finger food.

For more information and to book tickets, please click HERE.

2.  Christmas Gifts

Astronomy Ireland has a number of great gift ideas for loved ones who are interested in astronomy. They’re an ideal way to get started in our wonderful hobby and to learn about space. These include:

·         Membership to Astronomy Ireland
·         Membership with tickets to or DVDs of our lectures
·         Our Evening Classes for Beginners

To find out more and to order your Christmas gift please visit www.astronomy.ie/gifts

Note that orders should be made before December 14th to ensure delivery by Christmas.

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