Dublin in the Rare Aul Times

This morning whilst doing some research on an entirely unrelated topic, I fell into the black hole of time that is Youtube (this is a phenomenon familiar to many, usually involving Facebook, Wikipedia and similar). The reason why was a fantastic collection of video clips filmed around Dublin over the various years, ranging from 1915 to the '40's, '60's, '70's and '80's. It is wonderful to see people from a past time (I refer more to the 1915 clip!) walking around living their lives, oblivious to the camera picking up a small portion of their day, our very short glimpse into their lives. Seeing footage like this always reminds me of a quote from James Joyces' 'Ulysses', as the character of Leopold Bloom goes to a funeral in Glasnevin Cemetery he thinks: "How many! All these here once walked around Dublin. Faithful departed. As you are now so once we were."

So as not to get sucked down the slightly morbid route of pondering on the fleeting nature of time & the transience of life, I present a selection of the clips, but there are many more on Youtube to be discovered and enjoyed.

Dublin 1915

Dublin in the 1940's

A sunny tour around Dublin in the 1960's

Dublin in the late 1960's

Driving in Dublin in 1976

The first four videos are taken from the Youtube channel 'memorybliss' while the last is from William
McQuillan's channel; all videos are their property and copyright belongs to them.

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