Wed 10th July - Drogheda Fenians Return


Tomorrow afternoon Wednesday 10th July at 1pm in the Tholsel sees a very special lunchtime presentation from Dr. Julianna Flinn, the great-grand-daughter of Thomas Flinn who was one of the leaders of the Drogheda Fenians in 1867. Dr. Flinn will tell of his adventures after he fled from Drogheda and became a prominent engineer and inventor in the U.S.A.

Dr. Flinn will also be officially welcomed by the Mayor of Drogheda as part of the Gathering Celebration.

Then at 8pm on Wed 10th July there will be a brand new lecture by community historian Brendan Matthews in the Governor's House in Millmount - New Light on the Drogheda Fenians - where he examines the lives of the Drogheda Fenians and tells their stories, from natives to exiles.

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