Drogheda Fenians Return - Day Seven & Eight

On Friday 12th July at 1pm Peter Murray, a leading international art historian and Director of the Crawford Art Gallery in Cork, will present a talk on Artists' Depiction of Irish News in the Illustrated Press of the 19th Century. Mr. Murray will examine the representation of the Irish, and causes like the Fenians, throughout the press during the 19th century, in images such as the one below.

An example of Anti-Irish racism in American press

On Saturday 13th July the whole day will be focused on genealogy. From 9.30 to 5pm in the Tholsel there will be a genealogy advice day, where you can come along and learn how to trace your ancestors at the Old Drogheda Society Genealogy desk. We'll give you all the advice you'll need to start searching, such as the right websites, the right local history books and various organisations to talk to to find out just where your family came from. Are your ancestors from Drogheda for generations or from further afield? Now is your chance to find out.

There will also be present David Snook of irishmariners.com who has extensively researched Irish Merchant seamen in the British Navy, so if your ancestor was a mariner David can help you trace them! 

Link to the Crawford Art Gallery in Cork : http://www.crawfordartgallery.ie/

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