Westcourt Hotel

Old Drogheda Society

The Westcourt Hotel has changed ownership many times since it was first built in the early 19th century. It was originally Keapock's Hotel, and later became the White Horse Hotel, a title it bore for almost 100 years. Great photograph of it here showing the rich history associated with it.
In the days leading up to the May 12th Annual Fair people would flock to Drogheda from all over the country and from abroad. Farmers, labourers, horse dealers, merchants, gentlemen, tricksters, travellers, tinkers, hawkers, musicians, knights of the road, pedlars, etc. would be seen on all roads leading to the town and disembarking from an array of boats and ships along the quay.
The horse stables at the rear of Keapock's Hotels in West Street would be full to capacity with livestock while the hotel rooms and Inns throughout the town would also be overcrowded, such was the fame of the Great May Fair. Fine horses would be seen galloping at a breakneck speed along West Street to show off their quality.

This was also the site where the Fenian Movement in Drogheda was founded in the mid 1860s, and where the first Drogheda Fenians where sworn in. Imagine if the walls could talk!

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