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Old Drogheda Society

The Old Drogheda Society will hold the first of it’s new series of “Walk and Talk” Evenings on Wednesday July 8th  when we get a chance to explore the history and heritage of the Sunday’s Gate/ Magdalene Street area with Liam Reilly, supervisor at Drogheda Museum Millmount, who grew up in the area.

Meeting at 7.30pm outside Scholars Hotel ( parking in the King Street public car park - Please don't park in Scholar's) some of the topics we will hear about are as follows:

The arrival of the Christian Brothers in Drogheda in 1857.

John Philip Holland, the inventor of the submarine, his time as a teacher in Drogheda.

Famous pupils and teachers of Drogheda CBS.

What was Sundays Gate and where did it lead to?

Why had all the houses in Magdalene Street bars on the windows? 

The History of Magdalene Tower.

Balfour Park , a gift to the people of Drogheda..

Sean Moran, the Magdalene Street resident shot in 1921 by the Black & Tans.

Greenlanes , the Weavers Hall and the Fenian Rising in Drogheda.

Sir Patrick Brannigan, who drafted the independence constitutions for the Gold Coast (Ghana) & Malta

Very interesting short tour of St Peter’s Churchyard.

St John’s Home and it's Star & Crescent logo

Clarke’s pub - birthplace of Nano Reid   

The evening is open to all and there is no charge but small donations to Drogheda Cultural Services will be welcome.

Advance booking is essential as there is a limit to the number who can be catered for. Bookings are now being taken at Drogheda Museum Millmount

Phone 041-9833097  (office hours Mon - Sat 9.30am - 5.30pm)or e-mail info@droghedamuseum

Drogheda Museum Millmount,

History, Archaeology & Heritage,

Governor's House,



Co. Louth,



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