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Sunday August 24th @2:30pm: The Augustinian Presence in Duleek.

The Augustinian Presence in Duleek is the theme of the Meath Archaeological and Historical Society's visit to Duleek on Sunday 24th August next, consisting of a talk and guided walk around the village by local historian Michael Weymes.

Assembly point: parochial hall at 2.30pm).

There are many aspects to the presence of the Augustinian Canons in Duleek and the lecture on the 24th will focus on three topics: the early history of the Canons in Llanthony in Monmouthshire, their presence in St. Mary's Abbey in Duleek including an account of the Office of St. Kenan - and a short history of the Monastic Grange of St. Michael, the ruins of which are sited on the lands close to Duleek House. A walk about Duleek and its many interesting pieces of history and heritage will complete the day.

An interesting development with reference to the mother cell of the Grange of St. Michael and St. Mary's Abbey (Llanthony Secunda Gloucester) has just been announced: a Trust has been set up to manage it, and this Trust has just secured funding from the English Lottery of three million. Duleek Heritage has established contact with this Trust. A copy of a painting commissioned by the local Duleek heritage group, and completed by artist Peter McKenna from a written description of the grange in 1380, will be available for viewing on the day. This should be of great interest as the ruins on the site are those of a later construction.

Michael Weymes was born within a stone's throw of a property that was in the possession of Llanthony Secunda Gloucester in Crowenstown, Delvin, and has lived in Duleek for over 40 years. He is passionate about the history and heritage of his adopted town of Duleek and believes it has much to offer to the tourist from a cultural and heritage point of view. Over the past four years he has written two books, both with a Duleek emphasis. His most recent publication is entitled The Augustinian Canons of Castle Ragâ  (Castle Ragâ is the local name for St. Michael's Grange).

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