Special Heritage Week Lecture


& Old Drogheda Society

Special HERITAGE WEEK lecture




Looking deep into Millmount’s past …



Kevin Barton & Conor Brady

Thursday 22nd August 2013 @ 8pm

Governor’s House, Millmount Cultural Quarter

Using the latest geophys technology Drogheda Museum begin a year-long project to look deep into the ancient mound at Millmount in a search for Drogheda’s Stone Age …

It is thought that the mound at Millmount in Drogheda was originally part of the great Megalithic (“large stone”) Culture which flourished in the Boyne Valley from 5,000BCE to 2,000BCE and includes the internationally-famous tombs of Newgrange and Knowth. Its importance in our collective folk memory is underlined by the legend that the mythological figure Amhairgin (pronounced “Aver-gin”) the originator of song and poetry is buried there.

Because of the huge amount of structural changes on the mound over the millennia normal archaeological excavation is impossible but now through the wonders of modern electronic remote sensing (“geophys”) we can scan deep into Millmount and begin to unlock its secrets.

Leaders of the Project Team,
Conor Brady, Lecturer in Archaeology at DKIT
will launch the research programme with a special lecture in
The Governor’s House Millmount
Bookstall on night.

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