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we recently got a post from an archaeologist in Australia who came across a metal bottle-top in an excavation with the words "J.P. O'Mullane's Whiskey Drogheda" ... (But we can find no trace of an O'Mulllane in 19th century Drogheda ...Any ideas anybody?)


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...  of some recent material on the blog. It's an article by Helen Madden on some of the craft-artists in the Millmount Cultural Quarter who are now more famous internationally than they are in Drogheda!

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  1. Good afternoon. I just came across this page while looking up J.P. O'Mullane for my mother. She has a book from 1878 published for The Society For The Preservation Of The Irish Language. There is an inscription hand written inside the book reading "Presented to Mr. J.P. O'Mullane with compliments". There is no signature. Just felt I would let you know that he was alive in the 19th century.

    1. Hi Mr. Moroney,

      Sorry this has taken a while to get back to you; do you have any extra information on that J.P. Mullane? It could be related to our query about the whiskey lid.

      Many thanks!