Folklore Friday 1 Ghost Stories

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Folklore Friday 1 Ghost Stories

Continuing our Halloween Countdown, we share with you this great scary story by Jack Kinahan of Dromiskin, Co. Louth.

Playing Cards with the Devil

Here is a ghost story that occurred in this parish (Dromiskin, Co. Louth) some number of years ago.

The late John Toole of Dromiskin was one night coming home from playing cards.

On his way home he had to pass through a thicket. When he entered the wood he saw, behind a big tree, a man seated at a table. As he approached him, he arose from his seat, and asked John to have a game of cards.

“Certainly” said John, and immediately they began to play.

In the middle of a game, John let a card fall. As he bent to pick it up, he noticed that the man had cloven feet.

John had two vicious dogs at home, and each time he would win a game afterwards he would let a whistle for the dogs.

The man noticing him whistle often asked, “Why do you whistle so often?”, “Just because I am in a good mood”, said John.

Time wore on, and at length the dogs came. John arose and said, “Put him away”.

The dogs leaped at the man and instantly, man, table, cards, and chairs, went away in a blaze of fire.

The following morning John arose and found his two dogs lying dead.

(Sources: The School’s Folklore Collection 1937-39)

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