Drogheda To Merge With Dundalk

Old Drogheda Society
A controversial plan to merge Drogheda with Dundalk has been revealed this morning by Drogheda Mayor, Paul Bell.

Both Towns and the motorway between them are to be renamed Greater Dundalk, with Drogheda acquiring the status of a borough within Greater Dundalk.

At this morning's press conference where the new initiative was announced for the first time, Mayor Bell said he was unhappy that Drogheda would lose its own identity. Councillor Joanne Byrne told him that Dundalk was always greater than Drogheda anyway so he had no need to worry.

Noel Bailey of the Old Drogheda Society when informed of the News, expressed his dismay. Mr Bailey pointed out that he had played for Drogheda United, not Greater Dundalk United and he considered this to be very much an own goal.

Louth TD Fergus O'Dowd when asked for his views said that while it would take a while to get used to the Boyne now being a tributary for the Castletown River, the move might help community relations in the North as nobody could now argue over the Battle of the Boyne.

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