Spirits of Halloween

Old Drogheda Society

Over the last four days Drogheda Museum Millmount has hosted a special event for schools "Spirits of Halloween" with 450 children attending.
The museum staff did a great job in decorating the Governor's House to a Halloween theme and put together a performance that was educational, interesting and fun. 

We will be repeating the "Spirits of Halloween " next week from Tuesday October 27th to Friday 30th at 3pm daily, for children whose schools did not take part.

Children will learn  

Where did the name Halloween come from?
What were the Irish Traditional foods, games, costumes, etc associated with the day...?
Where did the Celtic tradition of lighting a bonfire come from?
How the Jack O Lanterns came about?
How the Irish feast spread across the Atlantic?
We will explain the various types of superstitious and ghostly spirits : – Banshees, Pucas, Hobgoblins,Witches,etc, and how to avoid these unwelcome creatures of the dark. 

Guides in costume will also tell of some of the myths and legends related to ghostly happenings, suitable for children.
We meet Alice Kytler, the famous Kilkenny Witch and her servant Prunella of Meath and her son William who turns into a cat, Anne Hardman, the Drogheda woman who came back from the dead and her butler who tried to rob her grave. 

We learn about the foxes of Gormanston The myth of the headless coachman and the body snatchers/The Fairies dancing on the mound in Millmount/the story of the Puca and the Piper and much more.

These talks will last about one hour and are aimed at children whose schools are not involved in our school visits (parents are also welcome and places must be pre-booked by phoning 041-9833097 or by e-mailing: info@droghedamuseum.ie Cost is €2 per person.

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