St Colum Cille and the Oldest Literature in the Irish Language.

Old Drogheda Society

Tomorrow: Wednesday 9th April @8pm St Colum Cille and the oldest literature in the Irish language. 

Lecturer:  Jacopo Bisagni.

Venue:  The Lismullin Institute

Admission: €5 Including refreshments. 

The first historical mention of Skreen occurs in the year 974. The name Skreen derives from ‘The shrine of St. Colum Cille’. The early Irish poem Amrae Coluimb Chille (Eulogy of Saint Colum Cille) is traditionally considered to be one of the earliest complete literary texts composed in the Irish language, being usually dated to the years immediately following Colum Cille's death in AD 597. However it appears that things may be much more complex, in this lecture, a series of new hypotheses will be presented in regard to the date, process of composition, and transmission of the Amrae.

Drogheda Museum
MillmountGovernor's House,

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